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Choose the perfect tent...

What is the difference between the Standard, Deluxe, Ultimate & Ultimate PRO?

Please find more information about them below!

Photograph courtesy of Tony Tomlinson


The Standard (3m, 4m, 5m & 6m) has a detached groundsheet which allows the walls to be rolled up.

However, the groundsheet is not zipped in like in the Ultimate, and instead the walls are tucked in underneath the groundsheet. The groundsheet on the Standard is slightly more light weight at 140gsm.


The Deluxe (3m, 4m & 5m) features an integrated groundsheet meaning you can't roll up the walls as with the other tents.

Having a sewn in groundsheet is perfect for weather assurance as well as camping with pets or small children. The Deluxe models have a thicker 540gsm groundsheet.


The Ultimate (3m, 4m, 5m & 6m) model features a detachable groundsheet where the groundsheet is zipped in to the tent.

This means, similarly to the Standard range, the walls can be rolled up. However, the heavy duty zip means it is slightly easier to detach and to roll up the walls. The Ultimate models have a thicker 540gsm groundsheet.

Ultimate PRO

The PRO (4m & 5m) range, like the Ultimate models, feature a heavy duty zippable groundsheet. However they are designed for the more committed camper; the PRO tents have thicker canvas, groundsheet (650gsm) and central poles and are more mould and UV resistant. Generally the PRO range are harder wearing. This does mean that the PRO tents are about 15% heavier than the ultimate tents so it is worth considering your camping style when adding in the extra weight and equipment.

Other Tent Styles

Pro Twin Door

Featuring two doors for great adaptability, every aspect of this super-sized adaptation of the classic Bell Tent has been beefed up.  The two door feature is great if you are considering connecting your bell tents together, giving you separate living areas, using our Pro Porch and Connector. One thing to consider when going for one of our largest tents is the weight; this model weighs 53kg and has a total footprint of 8 metres in diameter.


The Emperor (Standard & Ultimate) is the ultimate Glamping tent, nothing comes close and it’s used by Hotel Bell Tent for their top of the range, boutique camping. We've taken our classic Bell Tent, cut it down the middle and added a crossbar to create a twin poled palace. The roof has been raised to 3m and has an A-frame at either end, allowing for generous head room and floor space throughout the tent.

As always, we can be contacted on or on 07830 355 993 if you have any other questions!