ZZZ Why buy from the Camping with Soul family?


Bell Tent UK has been selling beautiful canvas Bell Tents and funky accessories since 2006. There are now copies out there, but they are not the same tent, not the same quality, and not manufactured by the same people. These copies are sometimes marketed in an identical way to try and confuse but currently:  

    •    Our main poles are thicker and stronger (4m = 28mm, 5m = 32mm)
    •    Our Deluxe and Ultimate groundsheets are thicker and stronger
    •    Our mosquito nets are finer quality with a smaller mesh that also stops midges


Please take the time to look at the total weight of the tent including poles and you'll see the differences.



Our tents are a modern take on a classic design utilising modern techniques and materials to create a lightweight, cotton canvas tent without all the drawbacks normally associated with sleeping under canvas. The stitching quality is the best we’ve seen and modern weaving techniques means that you no longer require the thickness and weight of canvas of years gone by – no more humping ridiculously heavy pieces of canvas around a field! Another one of the great advances in Bell Tents is the development of much better proofing. Our water-based, 3-part proofer protects against water, has mould resistance, and even helps to protect the canvas from breaking down in UV rays. Gone are the days when touching the inside of your tent in a storm created a wet patch through the canvas!

Customer Service

Although we are a small company that spends much of its time at festivals or in a field (hence the mobile number), we really care about everyone who buys from us and becomes part of our little Bell Tent world (check out our Facebook page). We always try and answer the phone during working hours and will always get back to you as soon as we can. We take our manufacturers warranty really seriously, and if there is a defect to your tent within the warranty period, we will do our utmost to sort it out for you. (Obviously, our warranty is not a blanket insurance policy against acts of nature like storms and really high winds but have a look at our recommendations page and online forums to see how good our customer service is).

Years of Development

Ever since we launched Bell Tent UK we are constantly updating our tents to be better and more practical. We started out selling a Standard Bell Tent, and then added the Deluxe with a heavy-duty groundsheet. Then, listening to your feedback, you wanted the security of a heavy-duty groundsheet but with the versatility of still being able to roll the walls up, hence the Ultimate was born, with the Deluxe groundsheet with an added, hidden zip. 

Responsibly Made

To keep our prices so competitive, our tents are made to order by a reputable manufacturer in China. We have been using the same people for the last 6 years because their quality remains the best we can find. They are a proper factory, with paid holidays for staff, and no sweat shops or child labour is involved at any stage of the manufacturing process of our tents.

We hope this answers most of your questions, but feel free get in touch if you need any more info. See you in a field soon…

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