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Welcome to Bell Tent UK

Bell Tents have a beautifully elegant silhouette, create an ambient circular space, they are quick to put up and pack down small.

Bell Tent UK was set up in 2006 and was at the forefront of what is now called the Glamping Revolution, introducing a quality, 100% unbleached cotton canvas at a weight that was still portable at a reasonable price. Throughout the years, we have constantly developed and improved our tents, and our main focus is not cutting corners on their quality. There are now quite a few copies out there, but no-one else sells our tents!

Find an idyllic spot and create your own Bell Tent retreat. Bell Tents are super-practical tents that look romantic & stylish. The design is simple: natural cotton canvas draping down from a central pole, which is held tight by guy ropes to create a distinctive old-fashioned shape outside and a wonderfully ambient space within. Quick to put up and easy to take down Bell Tents provide a great space for camping trips, are ideal for taking to a festival, create a unique party pad or a space for the kids in the garden during summer months and are a perfect solution for healing/massage tents, workshops space and scout group camping.



Bell Tent UK - The Original, Camping with Soul since 2006

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