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4 metre Standard Bell Tent

4 metre Standard Bell Tent
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4 metre Standard Bell Tent with lightweight separate groundsheet

Our 4m Standard Bell Tents allows you to roll up the sides of the tent so on a scorching afternoon you can lounge under canvas, enjoying the breezy shade beneath. Ideal if you need to stay in the shade all day without melting, or you’re planning a camping trip abroad. Our Standard Bell Tent is our lightest tent because it has a separate, lightweight groundsheet  - the canvas weight on all of our Bell Tents is the same, only the groundsheet options are different.

Over the years, our Bell Tents have had lots of clever little upgrades.

We’ve listened to the feedback from our buyers, tweaked our design, and added options like an Inner Tent. All of our Bell Tents now have the fittings to add the optional Inner Tent with the added bonus of having loops and hoops that can be used to hang anything you fancy, including a loop on the centre pole to hang a rustic Tealight Chandelier.





Tea Light Chandeliers:

We thoroughly recommend our stunning rustic Tealight Chandeliers which give off both light and warmth. In our experience this is the best way to light up a Bell Tent, everyone looks gorgeous in candlelight and they create a very romantic atmosphere! They hang from the centre pole and can be hoisted higher out of the reach of little ones or lowered to make the most of the light and surprising amount of warmth that the Tealight Chandeliers provide.

(also see our tealight chandeliers)

(also see our Bell Tent accessories)


Something to think about - Are you the type of camper who will want the option of using an Inner Tent?

We now offer an optional 4m Inner Tent that gives you the best of both worlds for £96 + £6 shipping to mainland UK.
Our Inner Tents take up the half of the tent opposite the door to create a separate insulated and bug-proof bedroom. So, if you are buying a Bell Tent with the intention of putting an Inner Tent in it you might want to consider the size of Bell Tent you’re after. The reason we mention this is because a 4 metre Bell Tent is perfect for a family of four or five but when you then cut the space in half with an Inner Tent you are creating two half moon areas that don’t lend themselves well to fitting in many rectangle mattresses. If you are a couple or a couple with a small child, you will comfortably fit in a 4 metre Inner Tent. Any more people than that and you need to consider a 5 metre Bell Tent, with a 5m Inner Tent, unless you are happy for someone to be sleeping outside the Inner Tent.
The other thing to consider is not being able to use our Tealight Chandelier at the same time as an Inner Tent as they both need the same space around the central pole.

Bell Tents offer all the joys of camping under canvas without all the hassle associated with other canvas tents

They pack down small and take one person less than a quarter of an hour to put up or take down. Our Standard Bell Tents now come with a green groundsheet as we feel it better complements the colour of the canvas.


Comes with everything you need:

  • Tent
  • Guy ropes
  • Groundsheet
  • Spring-loaded, metal tent poles
  • Pegs for both tent and groundsheet
  • Spare pegs and pole springs
  • Matching cotton canvas carry bag, with shoulder straps
  • Great customer service
  • Download our photographic, step-by-step instructions online


As you can see from the pictures, with a bit of effort you can create your own vibe and be the envy of other campers. 

Bell Tents are great for:

  • Camping
  • Festivals
  • Garden chillout (walls up or down)
  • Back-up bedroom (banish the in-laws to the garden!)
  • Outside summer playroom (walls up or down)
  • Weddings (intimate honeymoon suite)
  • Beach sun shade (with the walls up)


In a little attempt to save some trees and resources we no longer include paper instructions with our tents - we have seen too many sets of instructions blowing past at too many festivals...click below to download the instruction PDF and if possible familiarize yourself with them on screen (they are pretty logical and only usually require one read) before going camping and only print them off if you really need to.

Click here to download Instructions PDF


The tents come with insured shipping and a 12 month manufacturer's guarantee against defects

Please note: this guarantee covers manufacturing issues (such as stitching and water-proofing), it is not an insurance policy against damage caused by wear and tear or adverse weather conditions, such as high wind. Be aware that our tents are not designed for extreme weather conditions and spare parts are also available.

Our canvas is now tested to European BS5852 standards - see Features tab for more information!

We also recommend you check you have received all the elements of your purchase when it arrives and familiarise yourself with it before you are standing in a field at the beginning of a 2 week camping holiday. If for some reason a element is missing we can rush one to you but that won't be much good if you're trying to sleep in it that night!!

Material is treated to be water resistant for up to 60 weeks of constant use.

You can then re-proof the tent yourself, from around £25. It is also UV and mould-resistant (please note, no canvas is entirely mould-proof, so we strongly recommend that you take it down every now and then to dry it out completely when it has been up for a while, especially if it's become wet after rain)

European tested to BS5852:

Unlike many of the copies out there, our tents are European tested to BS5852 standards. This is the 'cigarette test' which shows that the tent will not ignite when burnt by the likes of a cigarette. If burnt with the likes of a gas burner it takes an average of five seconds to ignite and will continue to burn but will not drip 'napalm'  like polyester tents. 
  • Sides roll up on hot days to let the breeze through. This is the unique selling point of a Bell Tent. Just think - no more 'melting' at festivals!
  • Lightweight but strong (285 gsm), high quality, unbleached, cotton canvas (the perfect balance between durability and portability)
  • Only weighs a total of 17kg (including tent, poles, pegs, bag and separate groundsheet)
  • All packs down into matching canvas bag with two shoulder straps, small enough to go on the back of a motorbike/Smart car (approx 90cmx30cmx30cm)
  • Fabulous unbleached colour - no bright white nightmares - creating an iconic silhouette, and giving a warm and gentle vibe inside. (Please note, colours may vary slightly from photographs, and from year to year)
  • Material is treated to be water resistant for up to 60 weeks of constant use. You can then re-proof the tent at a cost of around £25. It is also UV and mould-resistant (Please note, no canvas is entirely mould-proof, so we strongly recommend that you take it down every now and then to dry it out completely when it has been up for a while, especially if it's become wet after rain. If you do have to pack it away wet, make sure you get it out within 24 hours to dry it out properly)
  • An A-frame-covered entrance. Unlike some bell tents this has an A-frame entrance which creates a porch to stop the rain coming in. Tents without this feature can let the rain in and leak all the way up the entrance flap (ie. to the middle of the tent!)
  • Takes two people around eight minutes to erect...okay, it took us four goes to get it that fast!
  • Can be erected by one person in around 12 minutes
  • Waterproof groundsheet (140gsm) is octagonal, made to measure and is pegged down to stop it being blown about
  • The walls have an eight inch, colour-matched, rubber flap that tucks under the groundsheet to create a wind and rain-resistant seal
  • Beautifully made, using quality materials
  • 4 x unzippable windows/air vents, complete with mosquito nets
  • Heavy-duty, zipped front door for fast access and a secure seal
  • Can be fitted with our specially designed Bell Tent UK Stove
  • All our standard tents now come with strengthened holes in the flap on the bottom of the walls. This allows the groundsheet peg to go through the flap creating a much better seal.

4m Standard Bell Tent measurements:

  • From the floor to the top of the centre pole - 250 cm
  • Canvas walls - 60 cm
  • Floor diametre - 400 cm
  • A-Frame height - 153 cm
  • Door width - 284 cm
  • Weight - 17 kg
  • Packs down to - 96 x 33 x 33 cm
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